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Jesse just came by to rekey the trunc lock in my 1969 Dodge Challenger and I must say he was not only very sociable and pleasant, but also did a very quick and decent job. Outstanding !! - Romona T. Tallmadge OH
Pop Locks Tallmadge were the best I'll surely phone them again and would recommend. @ Javier E., Tallmadge
Local car locksmiths, take a lesson from Pop Locks Tallmadge. Awesome ! Fast date setting with a 1 hour timeframe. Really clear about estimated service fees. He showed up on the early side of the scheduled timeframe and unlocked the driver door in approximately half an hour, way less than what I estimated. The price was strictly as quoted on the phone and absolutely within reason based on other quotes I got from other locksmiths in Tallmadge for my Audi. You can quickly see that without a doubt they honestly care about pleasing their customers. I'm very happy !! @ Estrada H., Tallmadge Cir Tallmadge
I needed to get new keys for my sister-in-law's Suzuki Aerio, and Roy from Pop Locks Tallmadge showed up right on time, worked very quickly and was very expert. Would definitely recommend! (Benavides L. Tallmadge )
Roy just came by to rekey the ignition lock in my 1996 Toyota and I must confirm that he was not only very kind and pleasant, but did a quick and decent service. Thanks :-)! (Lyle U. Tallmadge Ohio )
I called for an urgent locksmith service when I misplaced the 2004 Toyota keys at the Summit shopping mall !! Jesse was just excellent and quoted a reasonable price. He truly wants to help and it certainly shows up. He arranged an original key, a thing that no other locksmith offered. I would plainly offer Pop Locks Tallmadge (ask for Jesse) for just about any car locksmith assistance, emergency or not. Would definitely recommend !!!! (Danelle J. Tallmadge )